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Legendary actor, director, writer, comedian and Chicano (Mexican American) art collector Cheech Marin welcomes Mando Fresko to The Cheech, his permanent showcase and partnership with the city of Riverside. The Cheech Marin Center for Chicano Art & Culture came to fruition thanks largely to Cheech’s personal art collection; a selection he successfully toured across multiple museums years prior. Cheech’s love and advocacy for Chicano art spans decades, collecting since the mid-80s, Cheech owns over 500 pieces of Mexican American art including paintings, sculptures and photography. Now these pieces will be on display at The Cheech in Riverside – the first Chicano museum of Art. Adding on to his long list of achievements, Art Curator, Cheech Marin gives us an inside look at his new center and hopes visitors are moved by his collection and grow an appreciation for Chicano artistry. Tune in to this very special conversation and learn all about Cheech Marin and his passion for this movement.


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