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Mando Fresko caught up with Eddie Zuko moments before his Coachella Weekend 2 performance at Electrolit’s Hydration Station and chatted about all things leading up to Zekechella. Living so close to the iconic Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, the Imperial, CA-native not only attended the festival for the first time, but got to hit the stage and perform for the first time in his career; as the list of Latino acts reached an all-time high of 21 in 2024, Eddie Zuko’s talent, dedication and perseverance got him to the grand stage. 

When asked what it meant to be a Chicano at Coachella, Zuko responded, “I mean it’s big for me man, I think they said that this year they have the most Latino artists ever at Coachella, I'm just honored to be a part of that. Also being that it is Coachella, it's predominantly Hispanic - the actual community of Coachella, I think that’s even doper.”

Performing at the Sonora tent, Eddie Zuko’s setlist included 13 songs, many of which are from his first full-length album, Abajo Del Sol, released two weeks before he hit the stage. Sharing his thoughts and process of releasing songs and self-promotion, Zuko's mega viral hit "Still" benefitted from this work ethic. “It’s dope because I think artists have more control now. I literally just did that, it wasn’t going super viral when I first posted it - I’ll post it again with a different type of video, I’ll post it again with a different type of video, different part of the song, [and] it was the same song, I think I posted it maybe 40 times, before it went mega viral, I think most people [would have given up]”.

Check out Backstage Pass with Mando Fresko and find out more of what the IG homies had to say, including the real meaning behind Abajo Del Sol.


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