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The leader of the "corridos tumbados" movement, Jimmy Humilde, CEO of Rancho Humilde is on Mando & Friends! He shares how his love for Mexican regional music, corridos and hip hop were the roots for this fast growing genre also known as "trap corridos." Find out how Humilde transitioned from being a dishwasher to throwing flyer parties in LA backyards to becoming the CEO for one of the biggest record labels in music. He breaks down how his humble beginnings and strong work ethic planted the seeds for his blooming success today. Jimmy also shares his ultimate goal to see more Latinos in entertainment and how he will continue open doors for the next generation of creatives.

Mando Fresko wants to introduce you to his friends. ’Mando & Friends’ presented by Verizon features world-renowned Latinx artists musicians, high-level athletes changing the game, award winning actors, top market broadcast professionals — and social media stars breaking the internet. These stories being told have never been shared on any other platform. Talks about growing up in a Latinx household, inspiring career journeys, discussions on why representation matters, their latest projects and how technology plays a vital role in their daily lives.

This isn’t an interview. Just a convo between friends.

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