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For the last few years, we've seen big name artists such as J Balvin, Bad Bunny, Natti Natasha, and Anuel AA take over our favorite radio waves. There is no doubt these artists have gifted us with hit after hit. Needless to say, some of these artists kept us sane during quarantine for almost all of 2020 (big shoutout to Benito). Going into 2021, we continue to listen to our favorite urbano artists but we can't deny that the new wave of Latin artists are coming in hot. In 2020, these rising artists gave us a glimpse of what we can expect. In this recently started new year, I think we'll be seeing a lot of more exciting new music to vibe to and astonishing chart achievements from these upcoming artists.

The 20-year-old Houston, TX native is a singer-songwriter that navigates easily between English and Spanish. Alaina Castillo naturally infuses both languages with a potent mix of contemporary R&B and a hint of pop. Her EP, mensajes de voz, was released in both English and Spanish. Her prior EP, antisocial butterfly, has a combination of both languages. I think it's safe to say she wants to reach an audience in both markets with her own style. She showcases a lovely, breathy voice, with potential to grow in many spaces -- definitely an artist to keep in your radar. But will Castillo go the English or Spanish route for her debut project?

Rising Argentine singer-songwriter Maria Becerra joined 300 Entertainment’s roster just last year in 2020 -- becoming the first Latin artist signed to the indie label. The 21-year-old is a standout in Argentina’s expanding trap scene. Becerra has yet to drop a debut album, but she's caught the attention of other growing Latin artists throughout the past year -- with songs such as “Tú Me Lo Haces Facil,” “High (Remix)” and “Animal.” These singles show us her versatility as she incorporates elements of hip-hop, trap, and R&B. Plus, La Reina del Reggaetón herself, Ivy Queen seems to be highly impressed with her. Check out the video below where she talks about Becerra at the 5:52 mark and the 7:50 mark.

Puerto Rican singer, Jay Wheeler has leveled himself as one of the new romantic voices in reggaetón. His fans even gave him the nickname “La Voz Favorita,” because of his melodic tone and heartfelt lyrics. After going viral in 2016, he began to pursue a career in music and hooked up with producer DJ Nelson. In 2019, he released his debut album, Platónico -- followed by his second project Platónicos. Wheeler dropped his breakthrough hit "La Curiosidad" alongside Myke Towers in Platónicos. The collaborative track peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart. Wheeler's romantic flow mixed in with the rhythm and overall likes of reggaetón has caught the interest of a wide number of urbano artists already.


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