Marcelo joins us on #MandoAndFriends to talk about football, music and his epic journey. We take it back to when he was first motivated by his grandfather to playing on the same pitch as his idols. He also talks about what his personal experiences throughout the pandemic, breaks down his top 5 favorite rappers and tells us who he thinks is greatest football player of all time. Mando Fresko wants to introduce you to his friends. ’Mando & Friends’ presented by Verizon features world-renowned Latinx artists musicians, high-level athletes changing the game, award winning actors, top market broadcast professionals — and social media stars breaking the internet. These stories being told have never been shared on any other platform. Talks about growing up in a Latinx household, inspiring career journeys, discussions on why representation matters, their latest projects and how technology plays a vital role in their daily lives. This isn’t an interview. Just a convo between friends.