Singer and songwriter Chesca stops by Mando & Friends to talk it up! She takes us back to where it all started; from being the lead singer of her dad's band — to having the number 1 song on Billboard‘s Latin Chart. Chesca also shares her traumatic injury as a kid and how she used that as motivation to continue her dream. Mando Fresko wants to introduce you to his friends. ’Mando & Friends’ presented by Verizon features world-renowned Latinx artists musicians, high-level athletes changing the game, award winning actors, top market broadcast professionals — and social media stars breaking the internet. These stories being told have never been shared on any other platform. Talks about growing up in a Latinx household, inspiring career journeys, discussions on why representation matters, their latest projects and how technology plays a vital role in their daily lives. This isn’t an interview. Just a convo between friends.